Stacy & Jackie Campbell

When owners (Stacy and Jackie) first met, being around cars was just part of the equation! Stacy has a long love for race cars and show cars; as that was a hobby he and his dad shared together when he was growing up. Jackie knew mainly about race cars, but after being with Stacy, she learned about show cars very quickly!

One night they were laying in bed throwing around the idea of opening up a shop and they started discussing names. All kinds came to mind, but the one that stuck was, “Sketchy’s Speed Shop, We Blow Shit Up.” They jokingly came up with it because of all the sketchy builds and race cars you see out there on the road!

In 2016, they trade marked the name and made if official! From that moment, their dream became a reality! They had some kick ass merchandise made (which you need in your life!) and partnered up with Patrick Maxwell (pinstriper and artist) and Graphic Disorder.

They decided to hit up the Car Show circuit and show off their product; all while keeping the family dynamic intact. Big thing for them is doing things together and showing their girls how to work hard and have fun!

Here at Sketchy’s Speed Shop in Magnolia, Texas, our #1 goal is customer satisfaction! We work closely with each client and completely transform their vehicle into the bitchin’ ride of their dreams!

Call us today for a free consultation and swing over to our website to purchase Sketchy swag!